“Home Sweet Home”

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Anita Sancha is working to be "an eco-animation resource for climate change education". Check out her very first short animation - and then read how she created this entertaining piece.
This is a great video for children to watch, so share the link with all of your parenting pals!

"The Making of Home Sweet Home" by Anita Sancha

This is my first animation. It was a learning experience:- an apprentice piece. After three evening classes, I decided to set up at home. As you can see from the photograph, this was very basic. I had problems with shaking tables, so bricks held it as stable as I could. I used 2 lamps with 40 watt bulbs, which were not even at 45 degrees for rostrum work. The camera was an old Panasonic camcorder with a very dickey Firewire lead socket, so I had to remember not to knock the cable or the camera with my head.

The face for the world is plasticine molded over a kitchen bowl. The rest is a mixture of card cut-outs and plasticine. At first I did not expect it to be any good, so I spent little attention to the graphics unfortunately. I added many, many layers in Photoshop to get effects, then overwrote the original frames. For instance:- the little boat had the original layer, then I added flag, water rippling, and a nose for earth because it was out of focus. Frame by frame. The car had windows, exhaust and pollution added. As for the cyclist.... even his legs turn....8 layers.

It took about 6-8 weeks to make this film, working about 50 hours a week, on and off. I had to learn the software as well. I used AnimatorDV Simple to frame grab and Adobe Premier for the editing.

I taught myself by trial and error and getting advice from everywhere. Towards the end I discovered tools like chromo key, alphas, and screens in Premier. Then I worked up to 15 video layers in Premier. Crazy!!! I got to the end with just tenacity and a belief in the message I wanted to put over. But I learned sooooooo much!!!

“Between earth and earth's atmosphere, the amount of water remains constant; there is never a drop more, never a drop less. This is a story of circular infinity, of a planet birthing itself.”

- Linda Hogan

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