“Fighting Goliath”

Narrated by Robert Redford and produced by The Redford Center at the Sundance Preserve and Alpheus Media, FIGHTING GOLIATH: TEXAS COAL WARS follows the story of Texans fighting a high-stakes battle for clean air. The film introduces the unlikely partners-mayors, ranchers, CEOs, community groups, legislators, lawyers, and citizens-that have come together to oppose the construction of 19 conventional coal-fired power plants
that were slated to be built in Eastern and Central Texas and that were being fast-tracked by the Governor. Watch this video -  then visit
fightinggoliathfilm.com to learn about how you can get involved.

“The heart of this film is really about issues of health, future generations and the value of our own land

and resources. The film was made to support the story of the Texas coalition and their struggle against

a giant power company. It is our way of giving other states and communities a model for what can happen

when people take personal responsibility and get results. We want to let people know that they don't have

to give up hope.” — Robert Redford

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